2016 Top 40 Runningbacks

It used to be runningbacks dominating the first few rounds.  But with injuries and the NFL passing more, backs are coming off the boards later.  Only 7 backs  ran for over 1,000 yards last season.  Only 5 runningbacks scored double digit rushing TD’s. A few big names are coming back from injury



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2016 Top 24 Quarterbacks

If you want to sit back and wait on a quarterback this season.  Consider carrying two quarterbacks and playing match-ups.  Blake Bortles helped lead fantasy owners to a huge season.  A couple of second season quarterbacks could help your roster this year.

The daily league mentality can really help out if you wait on a QB or have a major injury the rest of the way.  Guys like Kirk Cousins, Jameis Winston, Eli Manning and others could help you from week to week if you don’t mind carrying a two or three QB’s depending on roster size. If you have a small bench you can add/drop.


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