Getting to know the small school prospects (Part 2)

Let’s take a look at some other small school draft prospects.  Who could make an impact at the next level.  Today we feature Dwight “Bill” Bentley, B.J. Coleman, Ladarius Green, Justin Bethel and Amini Silatolu. (In no particular order)

Dwight “Bill” Bentley – Cornerback – University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Dwight “Bill” Bentley is not the biggest corner in the draft.  He is only 5’10 180lbs. When called upon to play against players from bigger schools, he has held his own.  Bentley played very well in the East-West shrine game.  Then was a late invite to the Senior Bowl where he performed well also.  I think Bentley could be a tremendous nickel corner.  His size limits his ability.  He has been banged up and missed time.  Dwight doesn’t shy away from making tackles.  But his tackling skills aren’t the best.  Bentley should come off the boards between rounds 3 and 4.  He will help someone next season in nickel and dime coverages.

Ladarius Green – Tight End – University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Bentley’s former teammate LaDarius Green is an interesting project.  He has great height at 6’6”.  But he only weighs 237lbs.   Making Green look more like a big wide receiver.  He ran a 4.53 40 at the combine.  He may be best used as a red zone and short yardage threat.  Lined up away from the line of scrimmage.  Teams could create match up problems for smaller corners and safeties.  He has excellent hands and scored 22 touchdowns in 4 seasons.  Green is a project that may take a few year to develop, if at all.  Look for him to be drafted somewhere in rounds 5 or 6.

B.J. Coleman – Quarterback – Tennessee-Chattanooga

B.J. Coleman spent his first two collegiate seasons at the University of Tennessee.  He has good size at 6’3” 235lbs.  He didn’t light the world on fire after he transferred.  His accuracy isn’t great.  He threw 31 interceptions in 3 seasons.  B.J. completed 57 percent of his passes. He doesn’t have much in the mobility department. Coleman does have upside.  His arm strength is great.  B.J. demands the best from himself and his teammates. Colman has a passion for the game of football.  A team should take a chance on him in round 4 or 5.  Sit him for a couple of seasons and let him work on his craft.  There is a chance for a very good QB here. 

Justin Bethel – defensive back – Presbyterian

Bethel has solid size at 5’11” 195lbs.  He will make a name for himself first on special teams.  He leaves the Big South Conference as the  leader in blocked kicks (9).  Justin doesn’t have elite speed, so he’ll fit as a zone cover or make the move to free safety.   He has great tackling skills.  Bethel will be drafted and make a roster.  Look for him to land somewhere between the fourth to early fifth round.

Amini Silatolu – Guard – Midwestern State

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Amini Silatolu.  He’s a big, mean punishing blocker.  Silatolu comes from California where he was recruited by many big programs.  He attended to a 2 year school due to academic problems.  He had committed to Nevada. but again, academic issues kept him away.  He chose Midwestern State.  There he dominated his competition.  He has had some off-field issues.   Amini is said to be very quiet and keeps to himself.  Teams will have to evaluate his personality before drafting him.  Silatolu will fit great into a power running scheme.  He should be a starter at guard year one and only get better.  Amini Silatolu will be off the boards in round 2.

Look for Asa Jackson, Ryan Steed, Jonathon Massaquoi, Jeff Adams and Shawn Loiseau in part three.


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