AFC West: Draft breakdown

Here’s a look at how the AFC West drafted. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t good…)  How this could help out your fantasy team next season.  (Grades based on total draft, not just fantasy.)

Kansas City Chiefs Devon Wylie could be a steal in your 2012 fantasy draft.

Denver Broncos – C

The Broncos traded out of the first round.  I like the first pick of the second round.  Derek Wolfe is a defensive tackle from Cincinnati.  He is a high energy player who can play end and defensive tackle.  A need for the Broncos.  The second pick in round two was Quarterback Brock Osweiller.  He shouldn’t have an impact this year.  The third round provided runningback Ronnie Hillman.  He was a productive back at San Diego State, could be a sleeper this year, if injuries hit.  Fantasy wise, there aren’t any other picks here that will help you.

Kansas City Chiefs – C+

The first round to me, was a swing and a miss for the Chiefs.  Combine stud Dontari poe went eleventh overall.  Poe could play nose because of his size.  His athletic ability gives him the ability to bump out to end.  Poe didn’t dominate the competition in a mediocre college conference.  He will have a tough time in the pros.  Rounds two and three were spent on offensive line help which was needed.  Devon Wylie was selected in round four and he could be a diamond in the rough.  He’s a tough speedy slot receiver.  Wylie could make an impact this year.  Keep a watch during the pre-season for him.  Draft him late in PPR leagues, if he makes some plays come august.  Runningback Cyrus Gray wont make much of an impact this season unless there are injuries.  Gray went in round 6.

Oakland Raiders – D+

I count Carson Palmer in this draft grade.  Otherwise they would have received an F.  The Raiders first pick was in round three.  Oakland’s draft mostly consisted of offensive line and defense.  Round five was the only player who could make a fantasy impact.  Juron Criner is a wide receiver from Arizona.  In a Receiver core that is mediocre,  Criner has the chance to Make some plays. Draft late or pick up as a free agent if he has a good preseason.

San Diego Chargers – B- 

The Chargers went with defense the first three rounds.  I’m still not very high on them as a fantasy defense.  In round four, San Diego grabbed tight end LaDarius Green out of Louisiana Lafayette.  He could be a good red zone target.  He is tall but doesn’t have the weight to line-up on the line.  His production will be limited and he’s not worth a draft pick.  One player to keep in mind during the season is Edwin Baker.  The runningback had a great 2010 and split time last season.  He could be a complement back in the Chargers backfield.  Someone to look out for on the waiver wire.

2 thoughts on “AFC West: Draft breakdown

  1. I’d like to know what you think of Melvin Ingram. I’ve not read the scouting report on him or anything, I just know his arms are short. Frankly, I’d take a guy without a head if he could just get to the quarterback. We haven’t had a decent pass rusher in a while.

  2. I think Ingram can be a good player. I don’t think he will be a star. Ingram had two good years of production. He’s a hard working player with a good head on his shoulders. I’m thinking he could be a 8 or 9 sack a year player. I Doubt he’ll be a double digit sack producer. He has team captain potential and should be a good additiion.

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