All-purpose leaders

Many fantasy leauges have ditched the touchdown heavy scoring.  yardage and receptions have boosted the overall scoring.  Even kick return points for indiviual returners have caught on.  A mostly over looked stat in fantasy.  It can make an average player a real asset to your team.  Darren Sproles is the king when it comes to this area.  Another reason to grab him higher than most would think.  Let’s take a look at some of the top all-purpose players since 2009.

Darren Sproles – RB – Saints  –  7,229

Ray Rice – RB – Ravens  –  5,887

Percy Harvin – WR – Vikings  –  5,821

Josh Cribbs – WR – Browns – 5,755

Chris Johnson – RB – Titans – 5,583

Maurice Jones-Drew – RB – Jaguars – 5,491

Fred Jackson – RB – Bills – 5,034

While most of these names are familiar.  It sheds light on the later rounds and how they can help you.  If return points and receptions count.  A player who does all of these things can really help your roster.  He doesn’t have to be a round 1 or 2 pick.  Just somebody who get their hands on the ball and makes plays.  Darren Sproles has been one of my best kept secrets in one of my fantasy leagues for years.  Everyone respects him now.  Maybe not as much as they should.   Cribbs in the past has been a great addition in these all purpose leagues as a third receiver when injuries hit.  Although his days may be numbered.  Just something to think about in the late rounds or free agent pick ups early in the season.

Antonio Brown – in addition to being the Steelers go to guy, He also returns kicks.

Randell Cobb – Green Bay is loaded at receiver. If Cobb can start catching more passes, it adds to his great return value.

Denarius Moore – The second year receiver looks to build off of a good rookie season.  He returns punts and the occasional kickoff as well.

Mike Lockhart

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