What to do with Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson will have his knee scoped for a second time in a year.  This will hurt his draft stock.  He’s been coming off the board in the second round.  Where should you target him if you want him?


The injury isn’t serious.  He had it scoped earlier in the year to repair a torn meniscus.  I have had the exact same problem.  When i tore my right meniscus, I was good to go in four weeks.  A few weeks later I needed it cleaned up.  Just as Trent Richardson does. The problem the second time was swelling.  For whatever reason, my knee didn’t respond as well.  It was more of a six week recovery.  I’m sure he will have access to all the best treatment.  But this will effect him this season.  He’ll be off it for weeks.  His work load will suffer.  He may not have the legs at the end of the season needed.  I’m just going to stay away personally.

If Richardson is sitting around in round 8, i’ll take the chance.  The Browns are a terrible team with a rookie quarterback.  Richardson could come back later in the season and have some good games mid season.  But come playoff time in your league this could take it’s toll.  Make sure you have two good backs before you take him.  If he goes round five, don’t be worried.  Just get another player who is healthy and ready to contribute.

Mike Lockhart




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