Week 4 top 12 QB’s

Big Ben had a great week 3 against the Raiders.  The Steelers have a bye week.  Who will shine in week 4?

TOP 12

1. Aaron Rodgers vs. Saints

2. Matt Ryan vs. Panthers

3. Matt Schaub vs. Titans

4. Robert Griffin III at Tampa Bay

5. Tom Brady at Bills

6.  Peyton Manning vs. Raiders

7. Matt Stafford vs. Vikings

8. Josh Freeman vs Redskins

9. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Patriots

10. Andy Dalton at Jaguars

11. Carson Palmer at Broncos

12. Christian Ponder vs Lions

Quarterbacks to avoid this week.  (Sit Em’)

Mark Sanchez vs 49ers

Russell Wilson at Rams

Cam Newton at Falcons

Brandon Weeden at Ravens

Ryan Tannehill at Cardinals

Michael Vick vs Giants

Sam Bradford vs Seahawks

The rest of the QB’s are mid level starters.  Guys like Cutler and Romo have been underwhelming in the past few weeks and need to gain your trust to start them.

Mike Lockhart



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