Week 6 Top 12 QB’s

Week 6 features tough match ups for many of the top QB’s.  How does your’s rank this week?

1. Matt Ryan vs. Oakland

2. Ben Roethlisberger @ Titans (Thurs)

3. Matt Stafford @ Eagles

4. Peyton Manning @ Chargers

5. Robert Griffin III vs. Vikings

6. Tom Brady @ Seahawks

7. Aaron Rodgers vs Texans

8. Christian Ponder @ Redskins

9. Andy Dalton @ Browns

10. Andrew Luck @ Jets

11. Matt Schaub @ Packers

12. Philip Rivers vs Broncos

There’s a few others i think are decent starts.  I like Josh freeman this week at home after a bye week against the Chiefs.  Mike Vick could come up big against the Lions at home.  Can Tony Romo bounce back against the Ravens at home after a week off?  Worth a shot.  Alex Smith will be a decent start against the Giants at home.  Giants have been disappointing on the defensive side of the ball.  Mark Sanchez could be an ok start against Indy if your in a tough spot this week.  Indy is middle of the pack as far as passing yards against.  Don’t forget, they’ve already had a bye week. One 300 yard game could drop them into the 20’s.


4 thoughts on “Week 6 Top 12 QB’s

  1. Who do u start in week 6, Romo or Flacco? I also have Ravens and Colts Defense. Which D do I start in conjunction with the QB I start? Also debating on starting Torrey Smith or M. Floyd. Any thoughts?

  2. i’d go with romo, is there another defense on the waiver wire. dolphins, bengals? if not i’d go with ravens. much more likely to make a big play. colts face a weak jets offense in new york. colts defense is just as bad a jets offense. I’m guessing that’s malcom floyd? i’d start him if it is.

  3. who would you go with rivers or luck. i have to start vick ballard at my utility. do you think william powell or donnie avery is a better choice at utility?

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