Week 8 top 12 Quarterbacks

Josh Freeman led the way at home against New Orleans for the QB’s in week 7, with 420 yards through the air.  Next up for the Saints weak defense…..Peyton Manning in Denver coming off a bye.


1. Aaron Rodgers vs Jaguars

2. Peyton Manning vs Saints

3. Drew Brees @ Broncos

4. Ben Roethlisberger vs Redskins

5. Andrew Luck vs Titans

6. Tom Brady @ Rams (London)

7. Matt Ryan @ Eagles

8. Robert Griffin III @ Steelers

9. Matt Hasselbeck @ Colts

10. Christian Ponder vs Buccaneers (Thursday night)

11. Jay Cutler vs Panthers

12. Tony Romo vs Giants



This is a pivotal week for Josh Freeman.  He’s come up bit as of late.  Heading to Minnesota Thursday night will be a big test.  If you need a QB for a week.  Sam Bradford could be a solid one.  He’s been hitting Gibson and Givens a lot in Amendola’s absence.  Chad Henne could step in and play well at Green Bay.  The Packers will have to move on with out Charles Woodson for 6 weeks.  While he heals from a broken clavicle.



Mike Lockhart




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