Week 8 Top 24 Runningbacks

Adrian Peterson was back to old form last week against Arizona.  Can he repeat with a tough Tampa Run D coming Thursday night?

1. Jamaal Charles vs Raiders

2. Matt Forte vs Panthers

3. Lesean McCoy vs Falcons

4. Adrian Peterson vs Buccaneers

5. Chris Johnson @ Colts

6. Willis McGahee vs Saints

7. Alfred Morris @ Steelers

8. Reggie Bush @ Jets

9. Frank Gore @ Cardinals

10. Ryan Mathews @ Browns

11. Marshawn Lynch @ Lions

12. Ahmad Bradshaw @ Cowboys

13.  Darren McFadden @ Chiefs

14. Doug Martin @ Vikings

15. Darren Sproles @ Denver

16. Michael Turner @ Eagles

17. Trent Richardson vs Chargers

18. Stevan Ridley vs Rams (LONDON)

19. Rashad Jennings @ Packers

20. Steven Jackson @ Patriots (LONDON)

20. Shonn Greene vs Dolphins

21. Vick Ballard @ Titans

22. Alex Green vs Jaguars

23. Mikel LeShoure vs Seahawks

24. Phillip Tanner vs Giants

Don’t expect much from the back end of this list.  Hopefully they can score you 8 or 9.  Tanner could be a good desperation play this week.  Jones and Murray are hurt.

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