Week 10 Top 33 Wide Receivers

There’s some great match ups this week.  Including one facing his former team.

1. Julio Jones @ Saints

2. A.J. Green vs Giants

3. Wes Welker vs Bills

4. Vincent Jackson  vs Chargers

5. Roddy White @ Saints

6. Victor Cruz @ Bengals

7. Demaryius Thomas @ Panthers

8. Calvin Johnson @ Vikings

9. Marques Colston vs Falcons

10. Eric Decker @ Panthers

11. Brandon Marshall vs Texans

12. Brandon Lloyd vs Bills

13. Andre Johnson @ Bears

14. Mike Williams vs Chargers

15. Malcom Floyd @ Buccaneers

16. Mike Wallace vs Chiefs

17. Austin Miles @ Eagles

18. Denarius Moore @ Ravens

19. Torry Smith vs Raiders

20. Dez Bryant @ Eagels

21. Brian Hartline vs Titans

22. Anquan Boldin vs Raiders

23. Lance Moore vs Saints

24. Jeremy Maclin vs Cowboys

25. Steve Smith vs Broncos

26. Donald Jones @ Patriots

27. Dwayne Bowe @ Steelers

28. Stevie Johnson @ Patriots

29. Hakeem Nicks @ Bengals

30. Sidney Rice vs Jets

31. Michael Crabtree vs Rams

32. Emmanuel Sanders vs Chiefs

33. Danny Amendola @ 49ers

Julio Jones has been a beast on the road.  The Saints give up a ton of yards on defense and Jones looks like a clear cut number one this week.  Rams top WR Amendola is back.  Tough match up and i’d like to see how he performs after injury this week before he moves up in the ranks.  Stevie Johnson has a deep thigh bruise and will play.  i’m not sure how effective he will be.  Donald Jones will be helped by his presence on the field.


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