Week 12 Top 12 defenses

Houston was a major disappointment against the Jaguars. The Patriots stepped up against Luck and the Colts.  How will it play out this week?


1. Steelers @ Browns

2. Broncos @ Chiefs

3. Seahawks @ Dolphins

4. Cardinals vs Rams

5. Bengals vs Raiders

6. Patriots @ Jets

7. Panthers @ Eagles

8. Vikings @ Bears

9. Giants vs Packers

10. 49ers @ Saints

11. Ravens @ Chargers

12. Texans @ Lions

Thursday games, especially Thanksgiving have been very unpredictable in the past.  The 49ers going to Saints could be the most points San Francisco has given up all year.  Houston should bounce back after an embarrassing game against the Jaguars.  But not at the level they have been at in weeks past.  lions should still put up some points.  The Patriots head to the Jets.  They had their way with the Colts and Could bring another great defensive effort on Thursday night.


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