Week 13 Top 12 Quarterbacks

Eli Manning and his hillbilly face got back on track after the bye week.  Manning tossed 3 touchdowns.  His first since week 7.  Will he keep it going against the Redskins?


1. Peyton Manning vs Buccaneers

2. Matt Ryan vs Saints (Thurs)

3. Tom Brady @ Dolphins

4. Aaron Rodgers vs Vikings

5. Eli Manning @ Redskins

6. Drew Brees @ Falcons (Thurs)

7. Matt Stafford vs Colts

8. Robert Griffin III vs Giants

9. Matt Schaub vs Titans

10. Andrew Luck @ Lions

11. Tony Romo vs Eagles

12. Cam Newton @ Chiefs



I like Both Manning’s to have great weeks.  RGIII should be a solid start.  He just seems to make plays and find open receivers.  Andy Dalton could have tougher game in San Diego.  Ryan Fitzpatrick sits just outside my top 12.  Josh freeman is on the outskirts also.  All 3 could be decent.  I think the Panthers could struggle a bit offensively  going to KC.  Coming off a monday night game to a defense that plays tough.  Tom Brady has had some rough games late in the season, during the day in Miami.  So don’t be shocked if he doesn’t throw for 350.  But this team seems to put up big points week after week.  Start as usual.  Any questions please get me on twitter or email me.


Twitter: @SportsHubFantFB



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