Week 13: Top 12 Tight Ends

It looks like it could be a very solid week at the tight end position.  Even beyond the Top 12.

1. Tony Gonzalez vs Saints (Thurs)

2. Jimmy Graham @ Flacons (Thurs)

3. Antonio Gates vs Bengals

4. Owen Daniels @ Titans

5. Jason Witten vs Eagles

6. Jermaine Gresham @ Chargers

7. Aaron Hernandez @ Dolphins

8. Kyle Rudolph @ Packers

9. Brandon Pettigrew @ Colts

10. Marcellus Bennett @ Redskins

11. Brandon Myers vs Browns

12. Greg Olsen @ Chiefs

There’s a lot of guys who can be good plays this week.  Dallas Clark has been getting a lot of looks in the Bucs passing game lately.  Dustin Keller is always a threat.  The Cardinals secondary keeps him out of my top 12.  Pitta Has been productive 2 of the last 3 weeks.  Steelers make him a risky start.  I like him better than Mercedes Lewis this week.  Buffalo’s defense is starting to look better.  Bills safeties have the ability to shut him down.  Scott Chandler on the other side has a nice match up.  He could end up in double digit points this week.


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