Week 13: Top 33 Wide Recievers

Week 12 was a great week from some big names.  Who will step up in week 13?

1. Calvin Johnson vs Colts

2. Andre Johnson @ Titans

3. A.J. Green @ Chargers

4. Demaryius Thomas vs Buccaneers

5. Dez Bryant vs Eagles

6. Victor Cruz @ Redskins

7. Brandon Marshall vs Seahawks

8. Wes Welker @ Dolphins

9. Reggie Wayne @ Lions

10. Eric Decker vs Buccaneers

11. Hakeem Nicks @ Redskins

12. Vincent Jackson @ Broncos

13. Jordy Nelson vs Vikings

14. Cecil Shorts @ Buffalo

15. Randall Cobb vs Vikings

16. Stevie Johnson vs Jaguars

17. Pierre Garcon vs Giants

18. Danario Alexander vs Bengals

19. Michael Crabtree @ Rams

20. Denarius Moore vs Browns

21. Brandon Lloyd @ Miami

22.  Mike Williams @ Denver

23. Torrey Smith vs Steelers

24. Ryan Broyles vs Colts

25. TY Hilton vs Lions

26. Sidney Rice vs Bears

27. Josh Gordon @ Raiders

28. Steve Smith @ Chiefs

29. Malcom Floyd vs Bengals

30. Justin Blackmon vs Bills

31. Brian Hartline vs Patriots

32. Larry Fitzgerald @ Jets

33. Devon Bess vs Patriots

Josh Gordon could have a nice game this week.  Ryan Broyles has flurished as of late.  The back end of this list could have a slow week.  I expect a good week overall.  But not like last week.

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3 thoughts on “Week 13: Top 33 Wide Recievers

  1. Need 3 (wr’s) I have W.Welker, Jordy Nelson, Eric Decker, Cecil Shorts, Danario Alexander, Steve Smith & Dez Bryant need 3 who will score the most points

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