Week 16: Top 10 QB’s

It’s championship week. Which QB’s could help lead you to the promise land? Can Russell Wilson play like he did against the Bills this week?

1. Aaron Rodgers vs Titans
2. Tom Brady @ Jaguars
3. Peyton Manning vs Browns
4. Cam Newton vs Raiders
5. Drew Brees @ Cowboys
6. Matt Ryan @ Lions
7. Robert Griffin III @ Eagles
8. Tony Romo vs Saints
9. Matt Schaub vs Vikings
10. Andrew Luck @ Chiefs

Very Solid group here this week. The top 6 are very strong plays. The rest are good starts. Aaron Rodgers should have his game of the year. Titans are coming off a win Monday night. Playing against a horror show of an offense will be the polar opposite of this week. It wouldn’t shock me if Russell Wilson has another good week. He has the tough 49ers defense coming to town. I still think he can have a good start. The running ability he showed last week opens up a whole new dimension to his game. Wilson hadn’t been running much until last week. 49ers had an emotional win over New England Sunday night. Giving Wilson a slight edge.

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