2013 Top 20 Tight Ends

Rob Gronkowski is still recovering from surgery.  Heath Miller had a great year but an ACL late in the season puts this year in Jeopardy. Jimmy Graham hopes to bounce back.

1. Jimmy Graham – Last season was plagued by injury.  With Gronk on the shelf at the start of the season, Graham is the clear-cut top tight end.

2. Tony Gonzalez – One final season for Gonzalez will be a big one.  He’s an important cog to the Falcons Offense.

3. Jason Witten – A PPR monster last season.  He’ll ge Romo’s safety blanket again.

4. Rob Gronkowski – He may not be back until week 6.  But when it counts, Gronk could be huge for your team down the stretch.  Pair with a quality back up.

5. Greg Olsen – Olsen is Cam Newton’s second target after Steve Smith.  He’s a solid opt

6. Brandon Myers – Everyone is sleeping on Myers.  He emerged as a PPR star with the Raiders.  The Giants love to get the tight ends involved near the goal line and his TD’s should go up.

7. Kyle Rudolph – Rudolph was a big red zone threat for the Vikes.  When Ponder is on his game Rudolph succeeds.  When it’s the Peterson show, it’s the Peterson show.

8. Vernon Davis – Davis hasn’t panned out to be the athletic freak on the field everyone thought he’d be.  After Kaepernick took over he had one good game with 6 receptions 83 yards and 1 TD.  Davis had 4 TD’s in the first three weeks.  Ended up with 5 overall.  He’ll be moved around this season which could help production.  But I don’t think it will be that big of a jump.

8. Owen Daniels – Daniels was a big time weapon for Schaub last season.  He will be again. More attention will be paid to the receivers with Rookie Hopkins on the other side of Johnson.  OPening up the middle.

9. Antonio Gates – Gates hasn’t been healthy in years.  He’s supposedly in better shape this year. If he can stay healthy, His numbers will go up.  Always a scoring threat.  Have a back up plan.

10. Jared Cook – I’ve never been to high on Cook.  I’m looking for a career year from him.  50 plus receptions and yardage should pile up.  He’s never been a Red Zone threat.  He may get 5 TD’s this year.  Better PPR pick.

11. Jordan Cameron – Everyone’s breakout candidate at tight end.  Cameron only had 53 targets last season.  That will change with Norv Turner as the Browns offensive coordinator.

12. Martellus Bennett – Bennett started well and ended well.  He’s going to be the third and fourth option for Cutler.

13. Jermaine Gresham – Gresham had a good year in 2012. With the arrival of Tyler Eifert his stats could go down slightly.

14. Fred Davis – Davis has battled injury. Now healthy he could be a good weapon for RGIII.

15. Brendan Pettigrew – Nothing more than a spot start. Can rack up yards or be a non factor. Reggie Bush will be involved in the short yardage passing game.

16. Ed Dickson – Pitta is hurt, Dickson should be a bigger part of the offense this year. Back to the 50 reception mark.

17. JerMichael Finley – Drops were the theme of his season. He’s unreliable but in the Packers offense there’s always chances.

18. Travis Kelce – Fasano is ahead of him on the depth chart.  I think Kelce ends up as a big piece of Alex Smith’s targets.

19. Tyler Eifert – Eifert can line up in-line or in the slot. He’s definitely worth a shot as your back up.

20. Heath Miller – A bad knee injury could keep him off the field for the first six games.  Still an important piece to the Steelers offense.  could help down the stretch when your season is winding down.

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