Week 1 Top 12 defenses

Seattle and San Francisco are two top defenses back from last year.  A few should be better.  Many of the top defenses this week are on the road.  Let’s take a look at who has the best match-ups to kickoff the season.

1. Tampa Bay @ NYJ  –  Revis’s return should be a complete and total domination of his old squad.

2. Seattle @ Carolina  –  Cam Newton should have a tough day with one of the league’s top defenses in town

3. New England @ Buffalo  –  Shutting down CJ Spiller should be priority number one.

4.  Houston vs San Diego  –  A lack of offensive fire power and a very good defense should make this a one-sided late game on Monday night.

5-.  San Francisco vs Green Bay  –  Aaron Rodgers has a lot of weapons.  But can a rookie left tackle who wasn’t their first choice help 2012’s most sacked quarterback?

6. Chiefs @ Jacksonville  –  This should be a much better fantasy defense with a lot of young talent and a good offense to give them a break.

7.  Indianapolis vs Oakland  –  Colts have an upgraded defense and one of the leagues worst teams coming to town.

8. Chicago vs Cincinnati  –  Bengals offense is very good. Chicago is always a threat to take one back in special teams.

9.  Rams vs Arizona  –  Arizona’s offense is totally different from a year ago.(Which is good)  I like what I see on the Rams defense and Tavon Austin could be a major special teams impact.

10. Cleveland vs Miami  –  A turnstile left tackle for Miami could hinder the passing game.  Miller is prone to fumbles.  The Browns offense will grind the clock without Josh Gordon in the line-up

11.  Minnesota at Detroit  –  With Patterson returning kicks and the Lions O-Line still a question mark, Vikes and their run first offense could be a good play.

12.  Washington vs Eagles  –  Until Philly proves themselves, Redskins look like a solid start. The defensive backfield should be better with Orakpo and Kerrigan rushing  on the outside



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