Week 1 Top 24 Runningbacks

Adrian Peterson will start his quest for 2,500 yards on Sunday in Detroit. I expect a solid day over all from a core group of the runningbacks.


1. Adrian Peterson @ DET

2. Jamaal Charles @ JAX

3. Alfred Morris vs PHI

4. LeSean McCoy @ WASH

5. Ray Rice @ DEN

6. Doug Martin @ NYJ

7. C.J. Spiller vs NE

8. Marshawn Lynch @ CAR

9. Stevan Ridley @ BUF

10. Trent Richardson vs MIA

11. Steven Jackson @ NO

12. Arian Foster @ SD

13. David Wilson @ DAL

14. Maurice Jones-Drew vs KC

15. Matt Forte vs Bengals

16. Chris Johnson @ PIT

17. Reggie Bush vs MIN

18. Darren Sproles vs ATL

19. Frank Gore vs GB

20. DeMarco Murray vs NYG

21. Darren McFadden @ IND

22. Lamar Miller @ CLE

23. Ryan Mathews vs HOU

24. Giovani Bernard @ CHI

There’s other solid options just outside the top 24. Shane Vareen @ Buffalo, Ben Tate and Darryl Richardson could be solid flexes. Ahmad Bradshaw has injury concerns. But Montee Ball, Mark Ingram and Issac Redman could help strengthen the back end of your team.



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