Week 2: Top 24 Runningbacks

LeSean McCoy and Shane Vereen were the only two back to top 100 yards.  Adrian Peterson scored 3 total TD’s.  It was a disappointing week 1 overall for the runningbacks.

1. Doug Martin vs New Orleans

2. LeSean McCoy vs Chargers

3. Adrian Peterson @ Chicago

4. Reggie Bush @ Arizona

5. Matt Forte vs Vikings

6. Darren McFadden vs Jaguars

7. Alfred Morris @ Green Bay

8. Maurice Jones-Drew @ Oakland

9. DeMarco Murray @ Kansas City

10. Steven Jackson vs Rams

11. Stevan Ridley vs NYJ (Thurs)

12. Ray Rice vs Browns

13. Arian Foster vs Titans

14. Jamaal Charles vs Dallas

15. CJ Spiller vs Carolina

16. Trent Ruchardson @ Baltimore

17. Darryl Richardson @ Atlanta

18. BenJarvus Green Ellis vs Steelers

19. DeAngelo Williams @ Buffalo

20. Marshawn Lynch vs Seattle

21.  Eddie Lacy vs Washington

22. Chris Johnson @ Houston

23. Frank Gore @ Seattle

24. Ryan Mathews @ Philadelphia

I am expecting a better week two from this group.  Guys like Giovanni Bernard and Ben tate should be more involved and could be solid flexes.  keep your eye on the Dolphins runningback situation.

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