Week 3: Top 14 Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers went nuts, One slacked jawed brother beat another on the road.  And RGIII continues to struggle but is still a good fantasy option.  Let’s look at week 3.


1. Peyton Manning vs Raiders

2. Matthew Stafford @ Redskins

3. Aaron Rodgers @ Bengals

4. Drew Brees vs Cardinals

5. Colin Kaepernick vs Colts

6. Matt Ryan @ Dolphins

7. Russell Wilson vs Jaguars

8. Tony Romo vs Rams

9. Robert Griffin III vs Lions

10. Eli Manning @ Panthers

11. Mike Vick vs Chiefs (Thurs)

12. Andrew Luck @ 49ers

13. Sam Bradford @ Cowboys

14. Tom Brady vs Buccaneers

Peyton should roll at home against the Raiders.  The Redskins can’t stop anyone through the air home or away, so Stafford should be great.  Rodgers and company were clicking on all cylinders last week.  They should look good again facing the Bengals who are on a short week.  I expect big things from Brees and Kaepernick at home.  Matt Ryan heads to Miami and should have a steady game.  Not expecting anything huge this week.  Russell Wilson has a great match up.  But will it be him or Lynch who has the big game.  I expect Lynch to be the bigger fantasy factor.  Tony Romo comes home against a solid Rams Defense.  Jenkins is a talented corner for St. Louis.  But two-week in a row Fitzgerald and Julio Jones have gotten the better of him.  I think Dez will too.  Looks like more of the same for RG3.  Putting up points late when Stafford to Johnson blow up on them.  Vick has been a good fantasy option.  Thursday night games are often sluggish and not what they should be.  His production could lessen against a good Chiefs defense.  Andrew Luck and the Colts have a tough task in San Francisco.  Many of  his points could come in the second half if they get down early.  Sam Bradford heading to Dallas is a tough match up.  They seem to be figuring out what to do with Austin and it will help Bradford each week.  Cook should bounce back this week for the Rams.  Tom Brady barely makes the list.  If Larry Fitzgerald were healthy he wouldn’t.  But Brady at home and another week along with his young receivers should make for a decent enough start.


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