Week 4: Top 12 defenses

Kansas City looks like they are here to stay as a top defense.  They welcome Eli Manning and his struggling Giants.  Seattle is on the road.  Indy went into San Francisco and shut down the 49ers.  They play the Jaguars this week.  It looks like week 4 could be low scoring for defenses. 

1.  Chiefs vs Giants

2.  Bengals @ Browns

3.  Cowboys @ Chargers 

4.  Vikings vs Steelers

5.  Colts @ Jaguars

6.  Saints vs Dolphins

7.  Steelers @ Vikings

8.  Patriots @ Falcons

9.  Bears @ Lions

10. Seattle @ Texans

11. Jets @ Titans

12. Buccaneers vs Cardinals


Bucs could land their first W against the Cardinals.  Minnesota was a bust last week.  They should bounce back at home against the Steelers.  

Packers and Panthers on bye weeks


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