Week 5: Top 24 Runningbacks

Adrian Peterson, Alfred Morris & Doug Martin are off this week.  Along with rookie LeVeon Bell who scored a few TD’s in his first NFL game.  It could be a mediocre week for the runningback position.

1.  Marshawn Lynch @ Colts

2.  LeSean McCoy @ Giants

3.  Matt Forte vs Saints

4.  Jamaal Charles @ Titans

5.  Reggie Bush  @  Packers

6.  Frank Gore vs Texans

7.  DeMarco Murray vs Broncos

8.  Bilal Powell @ Falcons

9.  Arian Foster @ 49ers

10. Chris Johnson vs Chiefs

11.  Ray Rice @ Dolphins

12. Giovanni Bernard vs Patriots

13. Knowshon Moreno @ Cowboys

14. Darryl Richardson vs Jaguars

15. Lamar Miller vs Ravens

16. Eddie Lacy vs Lions

17. David Wilson vs Giants

18. Maurice Jones-Drew @ Rams

19. DeAngelo Williams @ Cardinals

20. Fred Jackson @ Browns

21. Darren Sproles @ Bears

22. Trent Richardson vs Seahawks

23. Danny Woodhead @ Raiders

24. BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs Patriots

I like Green-Ellis to get in the end zone against his former team.  Maybe put up another 60 yards rushing.  Danny Woodhead has out played Mathews and has a good match up.  David Wilson Could finally have the week everyone has been waiting for.  My big question is will we see more Lacy or Franklin this week in Green Bay?


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