Week 6: Top 16 Quarterbacks

Manning and Romo both have great match ups and they’ll try to put up similar numbers to their week 5 battle in Dallas.  Mike Vick Went out with a Hamstring injury.  Matt Ryans’ Falcons and the Dolphins share a bye week.  Lets look at how week 6 could play out.

1.   Peyton Manning vs Jaguars

2.   Tony Romo vs Redskins

3.   Robert Griffin III @ Cowboys

4.   Aaron Rodgers @ Ravens

5.   Drew Brees @ Patriots

6.   Andrew Luck @ Chargers

7.   Tom Brady vs Saints

8.   Russell Wilson vs Titans

9.   Jay Cutler vs Bears

10. Alex Smith vs Raiders 

11. Philip Rivers vs Colts

12. Colin Kaepernick vs Cardinals

13. Cam Newton @ Vikings

14. Joe Flacco vs Packers

15. Matt Stafford @ Browns

16. Sam Bradford @ Texans

Calvin Johnson’s health is a big question mark.  If he plays, Stafford can move up a few slots.  But it’s a tough game in Cleveland.  Jay Cutler could have early success Thursday against the Giants.  Andy Dalton could be a decent fill in if you have a bye week,  The usual suspects up near the top should have great weeks.  RGIII coming off a bye week in Dallas could be big for Griffin owners.  He had great success there in 2012.  Hopefully this can spring-board a big second half of the season for him.

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