Week 10: Top 12 Defenses

Kansas City was a beast again last week.  They are off while Seattle looks to bounce back in Atlanta.  The Giants could be a good pick up.  Even a disappointing Tampa Bay defense could be a solid play this week.

1.  Seahawks @ Falcons

2.  Titans vs Jaguars

3.  Giants vs Raiders

4.  49ers vs Panthers

5.  Cardinals vs Texans

6.  Buccaneers vs Dolphins

7.  Bears vs Lions

8.  Bengals @ Ravens

9. Panthers @ 49ers

10.  Colts vs Rams

11. Ravens vs Bengals

12. Texans @ Cardinals


The Oakland Raiders have been bad offensively.  They head east to face a rested Giants team in need of a win.  Giants are a must play for me this week.  Pryor has been out rushing his passing.  McFadden is hurt.

I’m taking a shot with Tampa Bay’s defense this week.  They have been a bust this year.  At home against a Miami team who just lost their best lineman could make for their first win.


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