Weel 11: Top 24 Runningbacks

Eddie Lacy has been a must start.  Woodhead has been solid.  Lets see where they land this week.

1.   Marshawn Lynch vs Vikings

2.   LeSean McCoy vs Redskins

3.   Jamaal Charles @ Broncos

4.   Eddie Lacy @ Giants

5.   Alfred Morris @ Eagles

6.   Knowshon Moreno @ Chiefs

7.   Reggie Bush @ Steelers

8.   Frank Gore @ Saints

9.   Adrian Peterson @ Seattle

10. Matt Forte vs Ravens

11. Chris Johnson vs Colts

12. LeVeon Bell vs Lions

13. Andre Brown vs Packers

14. Ben Tate vs Raiders

15. Andre Ellington @ Jaguars

16. Giovanni Bernard vs Browns

17. Danny Woodhead @ Dolphins

18. Chris Ivory @ Bills

19. Fred Jackson vs jets

20. Darren Sproles vs 49ers

21. C.J. Spiller vs Jets

22. Steven Ridley @ Panthers

23. Ryan Mathews @ Dolphins

24. Shane Vereen @ Panthers


After Mendenhall fumbled late last week.  It should be the Andre Ellington show in Jacksonville this week.  Shane Vereen should return Monday night and could be used a lot.  Especially in the passing game.


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