Week 14: Top 12 Tight Ends

Jared Cook has been very hit or miss this season for the Rams.  He could be a hit this week in Arizona.


1.   Rob Gronkowski vs Browns

2.   Jimmy Graham vs Carolina

3.   Jared Cook @ Arizona

4.   Julius Thomas vs Titans

5.   Vernon Davis vs Seahawks

6.   Tony Gonzalez @ Packers

7.   Martellus Bennett vs Cowboys

8.   Ladarius Green vs Giants

9.   Garrett Graham @ Jaguars (Thurs)

10. Jason Witten @ Bears

11. Greg Olsen @ Saints

12. Coby Fleener @ Bengals

Ladarius Green is a legit start.  He’s been getting the majority of the snaps and has been getting looks in the red zone.  Zach Ertz in Philly is also getting worked more and more into the offense and found the end zone twice last week.  Cook and Graham are a must start with those matchups.

Here’s what i wrote on Green from San Diego before the draft 2 years ago.



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