Small School Prospects: Part 2

In part one we took a look at quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and Runningback Terrance West.  Both should make an impact in the NFL.  Let’s look at some more prospects who could shine at the next level.

Jordan Tripp – Linebacker – Montana


Like most small school prospects, you’ve probably never heard this name.  At least until January when Montana’s Jordan Tripp had a nice week at the Senior Bowl.  Then a month later he made a name for himself with a very impressive showing at the combine.  Putting up number that former first round picks have produced.

Tripp has good size at 6’3” 337 pounds.  He’s very athletic and versatile on the field.  He can rush and drop into coverage.  He seems to have the ability to make the tackle no matter where he is on the field.  Tripp’s instincts look like he could play in the middle.  But he seems to get gobbled up by interior linemen at times.  Best suited on the outside.  If he gets bigger, he may be able to play inside as well.

Tripp should get drafted somewhere between late second and early fourth round.  Tripp already had a bad shoulder injury in college.  Which could drop his stock a bit.  Seems like the Eagles have a ton of interest in him.  They met with Jordan twice at the combine and attended Montana’s pro day.  He will contribute immediately on special teams.  Tripp should be able to fight for playing time in a rotation at outside linebacker.  Eventually becoming a solid starter.

Dakota Dozier – Offensive Line – Furman


Dakota Dozier was a 4 year starter at tackle while at Furman.  He’s 6’4” which means he’ll most likely make a living at guard in the NFL.  He made that switch at the East-West shrine and was considered one of, if not the best interior lineman during that week.  He’ll be a tremendous run blocker from the start and his pass protection skills will follow with work.  His ability to play all over the line should help make him a third round prospect.  He could easily find himself as a starter at the break of training camp.

Matt Hazel – Wide Receiver – Coastal Carolina


All I hear is negative things about Hazel.  He’s too slow, too thin and not strong enough.  But when I watched the East-West shrine game, Hazel seemed to come up with catch after catch.  He could be a late round steal for someone who lines him up in the slot.  Hazel’s route running ability is very good.  He ran a 4.50 at the combine which isn’t terrible.  If drafted, he’ll come off the boards in the 6th or 7th round.  Hazel may end up sticking with a team and being a solid player.



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