2014 Top 24 Fantasy Tight Ends

Jimmy Graham has a new contract and Rob Gronkowski hopes to play week one after a laundry list of injuries.  This position can get thin quickly when players start going down.


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2014 Top 25 Fantasy Quarterback Ranks

Peyton Manning is back with most of his parts this season.  Nick Foles surprised us all and should have another nice year.  Brady’s numbers were down, But he hopes for a healthier cast around him.  Cam Newton could have a down year after surgery and many new faces in Carolina.


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Players to pass on

There’s always players that get drafted higher than they should.  Some have had success in early years and aren’t what they should be.  Others stock can be hurt by a bad quarterback or offensive line.  Let’s take a look on some names I’m going to avoid drafting too high or at all this season.

fleenerWill this be Fleener’s year to step up?  Or another disappointment…

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