Players to pass on

There’s always players that get drafted higher than they should.  Some have had success in early years and aren’t what they should be.  Others stock can be hurt by a bad quarterback or offensive line.  Let’s take a look on some names I’m going to avoid drafting too high or at all this season.

fleenerWill this be Fleener’s year to step up?  Or another disappointment…

Hakeem Nicks

Nicks has been a stand out in years past.  Injuries and Eli Manning’s weakening skill set have been trouble for him.  This year Nicks will be catching passes from Andrew Luck.  It seems like a great situation.  But i’m staying away.  He’s only 26 and could bounce back.  But the last two seasons he’s caught under 60 balls and he’s never played a full season.  Nicks will be drafted higher than I am willing to take him.

DeAndre Hopkins

The 2013 first round pick for the Texans wasn’t a major disappointment.  It’s a tough position for rookies to step right in and put up big numbers.  He only had one drop which is encouraging.  If Andre Johnson holds out it will give him more opportunities.  It will also bring more attention from defenses.  The quarterback situation isn’t good.  Fitzpatrick is capable of having big games.  I’m just not sold on Hopkins being the next big thing.  he’s getting a ton of buzz right now and will be raising up draft boards.  If he’s available in later rounds, i’d take a shot on him.  But I have a feeling you may see him go much earlier if Johnson does hold out.  If Andre Johnson does come back.  Hopkins targets will go down.

Steven Jackson

Jackson is entering his 11th NFL season.  Last year was a tough first season in Atlanta.  He’s a big name who no doubt helped many to glory over the years.  At this point the Falcons could go more carries by committee.  Jacquizz Rodgers and rookie Devonta Freeman will battle for touches and Freeman could be a big factor.  So pass on Jackson this year.  The last Three games he played last year he ran for 38, 53 and 41 yards.  the door is closing on his career and I wouldn’t draft him at all.

Rashad Jennings

The new runningback in New York has been a back up his entire career.  It’s tough to believe at 29 Jennings will be able to handle a full work load.  Andre Williams will battle him for touches.  David Wilson still seems to be in the plans.  At least for the short-term.  Somebody will take Jennings as a starter and you can let them.   I wouldn’t want Jennings as my first or second back.  But as a third or flex option I would consider him.

James Jones

James Jones was once a great fantasy find.  But he now finds himself in Oakland.  He’s not very fast and who knows what you’ll get from Matt Schaub.  If Schaub flops there’s a rookie waiting which is never a good thing for fantasy receivers.  People will remember the name and success he had in green Bay.  Now that he’s the big name in Oakland it’ll make him more intriguing.  Stay away and let someone else take him.

Eric Decker

Decker goes from Denver with Manning to New York with Geno Smith or Mike Vick.  Decker was a major red zone threat hauling in 24 TD’s the last two seasons.  He’s not a true number one receiver and if I’m in the red zone, I’m looking for the 6’6” Jace Amaro.  I’m guessing 75 receptions and 8 TD’s is the ceiling for him.  He’ll go higher because of the name recognition.  There’s not much talent around him and he should get much of the focus from opposing defenses.

 Coby Fleener

There seems to be a big misconception about Fleener.  People still think he’s going to be good. In fact he’s not even the starter.  Dwayne Allen who is a much better player is the starter.  Fleener can’t block and is useless in the red zone.  There’s no toughness to his game and he’s always hurt.  Let someone else waste a pick on Fleener.

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