Top Twelve picks

If you’re drafting soon, here’s my top twelve fantasy picks.  Based on a standard league.  Not much would change in a PPR format here.  Later rounds for sure.  I really think you can’t go wrong with either of the top 3 guys here.

1.  Adrian Peterson

The QB situation should be better.  Kyle Rudolph and Cordarrelle Patterson will help take some pressure off Peterson by turning some of the focus toward them.  He catches a decent amount of passes and is always a play away from scoring anywhere on the field.

2.  Jamaal Charles

Charles is the Chiefs offense.  Anytime you play the Raiders twice, especially once in the fantasy playoffs is a positive.  He’ll catch 65 Plus balls and score a lot.  Could be a slight step back.

3.  LeSean McCoy

McCoy excelled in Chip Kelly’s offense.  They’ve brought in Sproles to take a bit of pressure off him.  The offense lost DeSean Jackson.  Ertz should and Matthews will be good editions.  There’s plenty of other weapons, but McCoy is still the main key to the offense.

4.  Eddie Lacy

I believe lacy is in for a monster year.  Double digit TD’s and 40 plus receptions seems like a definite.  Nelson and Cobb have already racked up the injuries.  So has Rodgers.  leaning on Lacy seems like the plan to me.

5.  Matt Forte

TD’s and staying healthy were never really Forte’s thing until 2013.  He’s coming off a big year and is still a very good fantasy option.  Forte catches a ton of passes so keep that in mind.  I think the TD’s go down a bit and his track record suggests playing all 16 could be tough to repeat.

6.  Calvin Johnson

Adding some weapons around Johnson can Only help.  He should be back over 1600 yards and hit double-digit TD’s again.

7.  Peyton Manning

I’m not much for grabbing QB’s early.  But with the cast around him, Manning is in for a 40 Plus TD season.

8.  DeMaryius Thomas

Thomas continues to grow as a receiver.  Manning will lean on him and I think he’ll eclipse 1500 yards with 12-15 TD’s

9.  Marshawn Lynch

Lynch Has had over 300 carries the last two seasons.  He’ll approach that again.  You’ll see a little more Michael and Turbin to keep him fresh.  He helps out in the passing game also.

10.  Dez Bryant

Bryant is one of the best receivers in the game.  He’ll see a ton of targets and will rack up big yards and TD’s.  His division isn’t too tough defensively.  The Cowboys defense may be one of the worst in football.  He should be on the field a lot.

11. Jimmy Graham

The premiere tight end in the game will be looked at a lot to make plays.  The Saints throw a lot and if they use rookie Cooks speed to lengthen the field, Graham should be in for a monster year.

12. Drew Brees

With Graham, a ton of runningbacks he likes to throw to.  Stills entering his second year and rookie Cooks oozing with potential Brees looks like a lock as the number two QB.  He should approach 40 TD’s.  there’s not a lot of other guys I trust to take here.  I’d take the sure thing and fill-in from there.  Brandon Marshall is the next guy up for me if you want to wait on a QB.  If you’re in a 12 team league, it’s a swing pick anyway.

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