Week 1 Top 16 Quarterbacks

It’s finally here!  Let’s take a look at the top 16 quarterbacks for week 1.


1.  Peyton Manning vs Colts

2.  Matt Stafford vs Giants

3.  Drew Brees @ Falcons

4.  Nick Foles vs Jacksonville

5.  Jay Cutler vs Bills

6.  Tony Romo vs 49ers

7.  Andrew Luck @ Denver

8.  Matt Ryan vs Saints

9. Tom Brady @ Dolphins

10.  Aaron Rodgers @ Seahawks

11.  Colin Kaepernick @ Dallas

12. Russell Wilson vs Packers   

13. Philip Rivers @ Arizona

14. Joe Flacco vs Bengals

15. Andy Dalton @ Ravens

16. Robert Griffin @ Texans

I love the top 5 guys on here.  I think Romo has a nice opening week at home against a 49ers team that seems a bit in disarray.  I’d like Luck better if he was at home.  Denver can be a tough place to play.  Matt Ryan should have a solid week in Atlanta.  Brady heads to Miami where he’s had some tough games.  In the end, he’ll post some solid numbers.  Rodgers has a less than ideal opening week in Seattle.  Kaepernick should be able to put up nice numbers against a bad Dallas Defense.  I like what I’ve seen from the Harvin and Wilson connection.  Rivers faces tough corners in Arizona.  I see Flacco throwing a lot in the home opener and Dalton will have a solid game.  Cincy is putting more emphasis on the run game.  Griffin is the real wild-card down in Houston.  He has the weapons to succeed.  RG3 is a mid rank QB for me until he proves he’s worth the higher value.

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