Week 2 Top 16 defenses

With one week in the books we saw the Vikings embarrass the Rams in St. Louis.  The 49ers made fools of Tony Romo and the Cowboys the Kansas City’s dominant defense from a year ago looked bad against the titans at home.

1.   Seattle @ SD

2.   49ers vs Chi

3.   Vikings vs NE

4.   Green Bay vs NYJ

5.   Cardinals @ NYG

6.   Tampa Bay vs STL

7.   Carolina vs DET

8.   Houston @ OAK

9.   Denver vs KC

10. New England @ MIN

11. Baltimore vs PITT

12. Miami @ Buffalo

13. Cincinnati vs ATL

14. New Orleans @ CLE 

15. Pittsburgh @ BALT

16. Jacksonville @ WASH

The Rams sit just outside my top 16.  They need to figure themselves out offensively.  It puts the defense in a tough spot.  Not to mention they hit the road this week.  Steelers and Ravens find themselves on here.  Thursday night games are usually a mess offensively.  It’s also a division game.  Minnesota is ranked high.  They are home and playing a New England team that is still trying to figure out its offensive line.  With Patterson returning the ball there’s always a chance for a return. Jacksonville is a flyer here at 16.  The Washington offense isn’t a finely tuned machine.  Carolina takes on Detroit’s who played Monday night.  The Lions looked great against a bad Giants team.  It’ll be much closer this week. Green Bay was worn down week one against Seattle.  home against the Jets should be a much better performance.




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