Week 4: Top 16 defenses

Atlanta got things started in a big way last Thursday.  Chicago finished the week well with a score and multiple turnovers. Many of the league’s top defenses have week 4 off.

1.   San Diego vs Jacksonville

2.   New England @ Kansas City

3.   Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay

4.   Kansas City vs New England

5.   Washington vs NYG

6.   Houston vs Buffalo

7.   NYJ vs Detroit

8.   Indianapolis vs Tennessee

9.  Baltimore vs Carolina

10. Carolina @ Baltimore

11. Detroit @ NYJ

12. Atlanta @ Minnesota

13. Buffalo @ Houston

14. San Francisco vs Philadelphia

15. NYG @ Washington

16. Minnesota vs Atlanta

I would expect the Thursday night game to be a closer lower scoring event.  Patriots and Chiefs figures to be low scoring too.  The Chargers should roll over Jacksonville.  Blake Bortles sees his first action.  Which could lead to some turnovers.  Tampa bay gets Glennon back behind center.  It can only get better than the last time we saw them play.  I don’t expect much better however.


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