Week 5: Top 36 Wide Receivers

Steve Smith “ran around them boys” from Carolina.  Antonio Brown continues his hot streak and heads to Jacksonville.

1.  Antonio Brown @ Jacksonville

2.   Calvin Johnson vs Buffalo

3.   Jordy Nelson vs Minnesota

4.   AJ Green @ New England

5.   Julio Jones @ NYG

6.   Dez Bryant vs Houston

7.   Brandon Marshall @ Carolina

8.   Randall Cobb vs Minnesota

9.   Alshon Jeffery @ Carolina

10. DeMaryius Thomas vs Arizona

11. Victor Cruz vs Atlanta

13. Jeremy Maclin vs St Louis

14. DeAndre Hopkins @ Dallas

15. Steve Smith @ Indianapolis

16. Emmanuel Sanders vs Arizona

17. Percy Harvin vs Washington

18. Keenan Allen vs NYJ

19. Michael Floyd @ Denver

20. Kelvin Benjamin vs Chicago

21. Brandin Cooks vs Tampa Bay

22. Terrence Williams vs Houston

23. Wes Welker vs Arizona

24. Michael Crabtree vs Kansas City

25. Vincent Jackson @ New Orleans

26. TY Hilton vs Baltimore

27. Brian Quick @ Philadelphia

28. Marques Colston vs Tampa bay

29. Roddy White @ NYG

30. Reggie Wayne vs Baltimore

31. Torrey Smith @ Indianapolis

32. Julian Edelman vs Cincinnati

33. Golden Tate vs Bills

34. Eric Decker @San Diego

35. Andre Johnson @ Dallas

36. Marcus Wheaton @ Jacksonville

I think the receivers are going to have a great week.  Calvin Johnson should revert back to week 1 numbers.  I’m staying away from any Bills.  I’m also staying away from Vikings receivers Thursday night on the road.


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