Week 14: Quarterbacks

1.   Aaron Rodgers vs Atlanta

2.   Drew Brees vs Carolina


It’s been a roller coaster year for Drew Brees owners.  He didn’t throw 3 touchdowns in a game until week 8.  In the last two games Brees has thrown 8 touchdowns and only 1 interception.  Brees went for 257 yards and 5 TD’s in Pittsburgh.  The Saints are back home against Carolina.

The Panthers are coming in at 3-8-1.  Defensively they are near the bottom overall in terms of yardage.  They’ve given up a lot of points.  Carolina’s offense has been stagnant and New Orleans should have plenty of ball possession.  Brees looks like a great playoff option.  New Orleans plays at Chicago next week and then home week 16 against Atlanta.

3.   Peyton Manning vs Buffalo

4.   Andrew Luck @ Cleveland

5.   Matt Stafford vs Tampa Bay

6.   Tom Brady @ San Diego

7.   Andy Dalton vs Pittsburgh

8.   Ryan Tannehill vs Baltimore

9.   Tony Romo @ Chicago

10. Philip Rivers vs New England

11. Colin Kaepernick @ Oakland

12. Matt Ryan @ Green Bay

13.  Russell Wilson @ Philadelphia

14. Jay Cutler vs Dallas

15. Mark Sanchez vs Seattle

16.  Ben Roethlisberger @ Cincinnati

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