Week 15: Quarterbacks

A few days after totally turning around his play.  You wont be using Cam Newton this week.  Can anyone trust Drew Brees?  He faces a poor Bears secondary.  It’s Manziel time in Cleveland.


1.   Andrew Luck vs Houston

2.   Tom Brady vs Miami

3. Jay Cutler bs New Orleans

4.  Peyton Manning @ San Diego

5.  Aaron Rodgers @ Buffalo

6.  Matt Stafford vs Minnesota

7.   Tony Romo @ Philadelphia

8. Matt Ryan vs Pittsburgh

9. Ben Roethlisberger @ Atlanta

10. Mark Sanchez vs Dallas

11. Philip Rivers vs Denver

12.  Drew Brees @ Chicago

13. Russell Wilson vs San Francisco

14. Joe Flacco vs Jacksonville

15, Andy Dalton @ Cleveland

16. Johnny Manziel vs Cincinnati

Manziel makes the cut after Cam Newton flipped his truck.  I think Manziel can do enough fantasy-wise to be worthy of a cheap start in daily leagues.  He brings a different style and has one of the top receivers in the game.  Drew Brees sits at 12.  He could easily be a top five finish.  But I like this group this week and I just don’t trust him.  Matt Ryan’s stock will plummet if Julio jones isn’t able to play.


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