2015 Week 1 Quarterback Rankings

Here we are.  Ready for the season to start.  I think Brady is going to start the year off in a big way Thursdays night.  Luck has a tough go in Buffalo.  Bradford and Matt Ryan could both post high points in Atlanta.


1. Tom Brady vs Pittsburgh (Thursday)

2. Aaron Rodgers @ Chicago

3. Tony Romo vs NYG

4. Sam Bradford @ Atlanta

5. Matt Ryan vs Philadelphia

6. Ryan Tannehill @ Washington

I expect Brady to come out firing.  Gronk, Edelman, Amendola and Scott Chandler should all be involved.  Rodgers will be fine witout Nelson.  There’s still a lot of talent on the roster.  Bears could have a long year defensively.  I like Romo a lot this week. Dez should have a big game and Williams and Beasley were improved last year.  Witten is the stable rock. I expect a shootout in Atlanta.  Tannehill should take advantage of a poor Washington team

7. Andrew Luck @ Buffalo

8. Peyton Manning vs Baltimore

9. Jay Cutler vs Green Bay

10. Philip Rivers vs Detroit

11. Teddy Bridgewater @ San Francisco

12. Ben Rothlisberger @ New England (Thursday)

Luck brings a heavy arsenal to Buffalo.  The Bills defense is very good and could limit Luck week 1.  Manning and company have a tough home game. They started slow last year.  They could just as easy play great.  Jay Cutler could have a nice game at home.  The key will be if Alshon Jeffery is healthy enough.  Rothlisberger and the Steelers “O” could struggle without Bell and Bryant.  Brown will be his go-to guy. How will New England’s secondary look without Revis and Browner?  Bother Rivers and Bridgewater should find targets in the end zone. Stevie Johnson and Charles Johnson will be their first looks.

13. Matt Stafford @ San Diego

14. Drew Brees @ Arizona

15. Eli Manning @ Dallas

16. Cam Newton @ Jacksonville

17. Russell Wilson @ St. Louis

18. Marcus Mariota @ Tampa Bay

Stafford could be a good ply on the road.  I can’t trust the Lions offense until the run game is figured out.  If they force Bell all game and it goes nowhere it could limit them.  Stafford must spread the ball.  I don’t love Brees on the road.  Cooks should be covered by Peterson.  Graham is gone and Coleman will have to step up along with Colston.

Manning and Beckham Jr. should hook up once or twice for scores.  but will that be it for Eli in this game? Newton needs to find someone to step up in place of Benjamin.  If someone does, it could be a good day for Newton.  Russell Wilson should try Janoris Jenkins early.  Jenkins has given up some big plays.  The Rams defense can be real tough.  The Seahawks offense worries me this week.  But which Rams defense will come out?  The dominant one or the one that could get burned through the air.

I think Mariota could have a good fantasy day.  If he is able to find Wright and Delanie Walker consistently and run himself, Mariota could have a good Daily league value.  Buy low and fill-in around him.  Finding the end zone will be key.

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