Week 1 Tight end Rankings

Gronk should get things started in the season opener.  Heath miller should be involved Thursday without Bell and Bryant in the line-up.  Graham’s new beginning starts on the road.  Who will surprise this week?


1. Rob Gronkowski

2. Greg Olsen

3. Jimmy Graham

4. Travis Kelce

5. Jordan Cameron

6. Martellus Bennett

I like the top six here to all have strong weeks.  As long as Kelce is healthy I expect him to resume as a big part of the offense.  Cameron is healthy and I love Miami to roll in D.C.  Bennett Should be a PPR monster and targeted in the red zone. 

7. Kyle Rudolph

8. Tyler Eifert

9. Scott Chandler

10. Owen Daniels 

Rudolph and the Vikings could score a lot of point on a 49ers defense missing a ton of players from recent rosters.  Eifert heads to Oakland and there’s a lot of potential this season and the opening week for him.  Another Patriot tight end here.  Chandler is a vet who should make a seamless transition into the Patriots opener and be targeted often.  Owen Daniels could be a steady weapon for Manning during the season.  He wont be a top 5 TE most of the season, but he should be solid this week.

11. Dwayne Allen

12. Delanie Walker

13. Jason Witten

14. Heath Miller

 15. Crockett Gilmore

I like Allen, Not sure how the colts will do in Buffalo week 1.  But Allen is always threat to score.  Walker hasn’t played much this preseason.  If he get a full workload I’m sure Mariota will find him.  Witten and miller could both be decent options this week.  Crockett Gilmore will introduce himself to the fantasy world in Denver.

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