Week 2: DST

I love two DST that didn’t produce last week.  The return of the horrible Thursday night games means at least one good play a week.  This week looks like both will be solid plays.

1. Miami @ Jaguars

2. Pittsburgh vs 49ers

3. Kansas City vs Broncos (Thursday night)

4. Baltimore vs Raiders

5. New Orleans vs Buccaneers

Miami’s second week on the road may feel like more of a home game.  I expect many Dolphins fans to flood Jacksonville and Miami to come up big as a DST this week.  Pittsburgh had their hands full in the opener.  49ers come in after a sluggish Monday night win.  I’m thinking the Steelers win big.  Kansas City at home on a Thursday could be big.  Division rival Manning and the Broncos come in and KC could be in for some big scoring.  New Orleans had a tough road loss to Arizona.  They come home hungry and Rookie Winston was a horror show in his debut at home.

6. Denver @ Chiefs  (Thursday Night)

7. St Louis @ Redskins

8. Buffalo vs Patriots

9. Houston @ Panthers

10. Cincinnati vs Chargers

11. Minnesota vs Lions

12. Atlanta @ NYG

13. Arizona @ Bears

14. Tennessee vs Browns

15. New England @ Bills


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