Week 2 Quarterbacks

Marcus Mariota was a great play last week.  Can he repeat? Drew Brees takes on the team Mariota embarrassed and Luck heads home after a tough game in Buffalo.


1. Drew Brees

2. Andrew Luck

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Tom Brady

5. Ben Roethlisberger

Brees is always on top of his game at home.  Marcus Mariota scored with ease in week 1.  I expect Brees and Cooks to have a big week 2.    Luck heads home after a real test in Buffalo.  They face the Jets who may be without Comartie.    I love Rodgers at home.  Foles was able to put up good numbers as his receivers were frequently wide open.  Rodgers should be able to put on a clinic.     Brady has a tough game ahead.  Gronk will again be the main target.  Involving Dion Lewis and Chandler will be key to moving the chains and finding the open man.  Amendola worked well to help each other get open last week.  It wont be pretty.  I do expect Brady to have solid numbers at the end of the day.

6. Sam Bradford

7. Matt Ryan

8. Ryan Tannehill

9. Tony Romo 

10. Matt Stafford

Bradford had a good second half Monday night.  The Eagles are home and I expect Bradford to come out throwing again.  Matt Ryan found Julio Jones often and should do the same @ the Giants.  Tannehill is back on the road this week.  Jacksonville was able to limit Newton week 1. Miami’s offense needs to come out firing after a slow start to the season.  Romo takes on Philly without Dez Bryant.  Romo will have to find early and often.

11. Russell Wilson

12. Marcus Mariota

13. Andy Dalton

14. Eli Manning

15. Philip Rivers


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