Week 4: DST

Arizona took it to Kaepernick and the 49ers last week.  They have another shot to be a top defense in week 4.

1. Arizona

2. Denver 

3. New York Jets

4. Carolina

5. Buffalo

Foles could be this weeks Kaepernick.  Arizona has been playing well on defense and the special teams is a threat to score.  Denver welcomes Teddy Bridgewater who still has some growing to do.  Stopping Peterson is first priority.  New York takes on a lost Miami team in London.  Carolina’s defense has played really well and faces a bad Tampa offense.  Buffalo looks ready to take on the world after getting beat up by New England week 2.  They are back home against Manning and the Giants.  I’d bet Buffalo pressures Eli a lot and Manning finally throws his first interception (or two) of the year.

6. Seattle 

7 Philadelphia

8. Atlanta

9. San Diego

10. Minnesota

11. Green Bay

12. Baltimore

13. Pittsburgh

14. Washington

15. Miami


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