Week 6: Quarterbacks

This looks like a good week for QB’s.  There’s a lot of potential for scoring. Dalton and McCown have led the way the last few weeks.  Luck should return vs New England and Bortles maybe a sit this week with a shoulder injury.

1. Tom Brady

2, Aaron Rodgers

3. Andy Dalton

4. Carson Palmer

5. Sam Bradford

Brady and the Patriots should score big in Indy.  Rodgers threw two picks last week.  San Diego is good against the pass.  I expect Lacy to be targeted a lot and Rodgers should end the day with 2-3 touchdowns.  His yardage could be down, he’s still a sure thing for the week.  Dalton has been a good start every week.  That should continue in Buffalo.  The Bills are near the bottom of the league in passing yards. If the offense struggles under Manuel, Cincinnati could put up a lot of points.  Palmer and Arizona took advantage of Detriot’s mistakes and similar things could happen in Pittsburgh against Vick.  It’s never pretty with Bradford.  But he’s throwing touchdowns which should continue at home Monday night.  Giants give up the most passing yards in the league.

6. Matt Ryan

7. Drew Brees

8. Eli Manning

9. Andrew Luck

10. Jay Cutler

If Julio Jones is slowed by injury or doesn’t play i’d be reluctant to start Ryan.  I never love a player on Thursday night.  But the Saints have only 2 interceptions and 7 sacks this season.  So opposing quarterbacks aren’t under a lot of pressure.  Ryan should end up having a solid night on the road. Brees Poor offensive line play has hindered the Saints offense.  Brees has been throwing for a ton of yards.  He’ll continue a high passing rate at home and should end the night with a respectable stat line.  Manning has thrown 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions the last two games.  Andrew Luck is a huge question mark.  He hasn’t played in two weeks and hasn’t tested the  shoulder much.  He’s an iffy play this week.  Jay Cutler passed over forty time in the last two games.  I don’t see that changing this week.  Alshon Jeffery may play this week.

11. Peyton Manning

12. Russell Wilson

13. Joe Flacco

14. Philip Rivers

15. Josh McCown


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