Week 9: DST

Denver stopped the Green Bay defense all-around last week.  They head to Indy to face Andrew Luck.  Luck isn’t himself and has been a turnover machine.  Green Bay has another tough matchup.  This time a Carolina team coming off a short week.  Atlanta heads to face the Gabbert lead 49ers.


1. Denver

2. Atlanta

3. Cincinnati

4. New England

5. New York Jets

Denver should take full advantage of Luck’s mistakes and shut down the run game.  Atlanta hits the road to face Blaine Gabbert and the struggling 49ers.  Falcons should be a good start.  Cincinnati faces a Manziel lead Browns offense on a Thursday night.  plenty of chances for turnovers.  New England at home against Washington.  Redskins running game has been weak and the passing game not much better.  Jets defense should be able to create turnover aganst Bortles.  If they can keep him and the Jags from scoring late points, New York should be a good start.

6. St. Louis

7. Minnesota

8. Philadelphia

9. Carolina

10 . Dallas

11. New Orleans

12. Buffalo

I think Minnesota and St. Louis will be low scoring.  Philly can create turnover and Cassel love to turn the ball over.  Eagles can always return one too.  Carolina should slow down green bay.  But they wont do what Denver did to them.  Dallas has a great chance to cause turnovers.  It’ll be interesting to see how Bradford responds after the bye week.  New Orleans welcomes Tennessee to the Super Dome.  They may have Mariota.  But they’ll be minus Kendall Wright and went through a coaching change this week.

13. Green Bay

14. Miami


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