Week 9: Runningbacks

Todd Gurley has over 125 yards rushing in the past 4 games.  Dion Lewis continues to impress and DeAngelo Williams is back in the spot light after Le’Veon Bell’s season ending injury.


1. Donta Freeman

2. Toddy Gurley

3. Dion Lewis

4. Mark Ingram

5. DeAngelo Williams

Freeman and Atlanta should put up plenty of points in San Francisco.  Lewis plays a pivotal role in New England’s offense and creates scoring with his athletic ability.  Mark Ingram continues to be the steadiest Saint.  It’ll be interesting to see how Tennessee comes out this week after a coaching change.  DeAngelo Williams looked great as the main back the first two weeks.  He’s back in the spot light and will put up points this week against Oakland.

6. Doug Martin

7. Adrian Peterson

8. Chris Ivory

9. Latavius Murray

10. Lesean McCoy

11. Jeremy Hill

12. Lamar Miller

13. LeGarrette Blount

14. Jonathon Stewart

15. Darren McFadden

16. Danny Woodhead

17. Jeremy Langford

18. TJ Yeldon

19. DeMarco Murray

20. Ronnie Hillman

21. Giovanni Bernard

22. Duke Johnson

23. Antonio Andrews

24. Eddie Lacy

Duke Johnson has been putting up nice points for not being used as much as he should.  I think Cleveland will make it a point to get him involved this week and heading forward.  Antonio Andrews has been named the starter by interim head coach Mike Mularkey.  We’ll see how that plays out. Eddie Lacy is killing owners and has a tough game in Carolina.


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