2016 Top 16 DST



1. Arizona

Tough physical defense with a great return game.  The secondary is very good.  Arizona was tied with Jacksonville near the bottom with 36 sacks last season.  Something thy hope will change with the acquisition of Chandler Jones.

2. Seattle

Seattle is much healthier coming into 2016 than they were a year ago.  They let up the second least points overall last year.  There’s no reason Seattle wont be a top DST this year and you’ll be able to get them in a reasonable round.  Tyler Lockett gives them a chance to score in the return game.

3. New England

The defensive line is deep.  2015 first round pick Malcom Brown looks ready to take the next step in his career.  The linebackers are some of the better in the game.  Jamie Collins is ready to be a defensive MVP candidate.  The secondary looks better and deeper than years past. New England may have rookie Cyrus Jones return kicks this season.  He looks like he could become a special player.

4. Carolina

The loss of Josh Norman and Charles Tillman will be tough to replace.  But the front 7 could ease the loss of both players.  The line and linebackers are talented enough to carry the defense into the playoffs again.  Ted Ginn is back returning kicks again.

5. Denver

The bulk of the champion Denver defense is back.  A suspension of Aqib Talib is looming.  He could miss half the upcoming season.  Other than that, things look great again for the Broncos defense.

6. Kansas City

Dontari Poe is a force in the middle of the defensive line.  The linebackers are strong vets and if Justin Houston comes back strong the Chiefs will be an excellent DST to own.  Marcus Peters looks like he’ll be a top corner in the league and should be even better in his second year.  Eric Berry is back at full strength this season.  Kansas City was near the top in sacks and interceptions and that should stay the same this year.

7. Cincinnati

Cincy was near the top of sacks and interceptions last year.  A good return game and everyone back should be more of the same.  The Bengals are a safe pick this year.  Burfict is suspended the first 3 games.  They will be full tilt barring injury week 4.

8. Minnesota

The Vikings have done a good job building this defense through the draft.  The defense line and linebackers can get after the quarterback.  Xavier Rhodes has turned into a top corner and Saftey Harrison Smith is one of the more underrated players in the league.  Cordarrell Patterson is a great return man.

9. Los Angeles

Even with a few losses from last years roster the Rams look good.  The trouble for thm coud be the offense.  If Keenum can be serviceable and keep the defense off the field a bit they wont wear down as much over the season. Aaron Donald is one of the best defensive tackles in the game.  The rest of his line mates are very good as well.  Replacing James Laurenitis will be a tough task.  and the secondary needs to figure itself out.  There’s a lot of talant of the defensive side of the roster.  Tavon Auston and Bennie Cunningham are both in the return game.

10. Houston

Houston has a quality overall defense.  Watt and Clowney get to the quarterback.  They were middle of the pack in interceptions.  It’s a bit of a wildcard in the AFC south.  i Don’t see any of the 4 teams as super bowl winners.  But all could score a lot of points offensively this year.

11. Pittsburgh

12. Washington

13. New York Jets

14. Philadelphia

15. Green Bay

16. Buffalo


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