Week 1 Quarterback rankings

There could be better options for Cam Newton owners in week 1. It’s not an inviting matchup Thursday night and there could be a better plan on your bench waiting to help. Anything can happen week 1.

I expect a shootout in New Orleans and in Indianapolis.  All quarterbacks involved should be starting.  Green Bay at Jacksonville could be another big scoring game.

Nobody wants to sit their starter on week one.  But it could be for the best.


  1.  Drew Brees vs OAK
  2.  Andrew Luck vs DET
  3.  Russell Wilson vs MIA
  4.  Aaron Rodgers @ Jax
  5.  Derrick Carr @ NO
  6.  Matt Stafford @ IND
  7.  Kirk Cousins vs PIT
  8.  Blake Bortles vs GB
  9.  Eli Manning @ DAL
  10. Matt Ryan vs TB
  11.  Brock Osweiller vs CHI
  12. Jameis Winston @ ATL
  13. Ben Roethlisberger @ WASH
  14.  Carson Palmer vs NE
  15.  Cam Newton @ DEN
  16.  Philip Rivers @ KC


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