Week 5 Tight ends rankings

With Brady back, will Gronkowski be back to old form?


1. Jordan Reed

2. Greg Olsen

3. Kyle Rudolph

4. Delanie Walker

5. Zach Miller

6. Rob Gronkowski

7. Zach Ertz

8. Hunter Henry

9. Martellus Bennett

10. Gary Barnidge

11. Dennis Pitta

12. Jesse James

13. Jason Witten

14. Cameron Brate

Things could change here if Antonio Gates plays.  Oakland has been terrible vs tight ends.  If Gates doesn’t play I’d shoot Hunry up a few spots.  If Gates does play i’d put him on this list where Henry is.  Henry owners could still use him if they are stuck with a TE on a bye.  Weapons are limited in SD right now and Henry has been working well with Rivers.  So we could see both this week.  If you are a Gronkowski owner, i’d play him unless i own one of the 5 players i have ranked ahead of him.  It’s a gamble as it has been the last few games. But it could pay off big. I feel pretty confident in the players ranked ahead of him this week.


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