2017 Small School Prospects Part 2


Connor Harris  –  ILB  – Lindenwood


You probably see Lindenwood and say Who?  But Lindenwood University in St. Charles Missouri produced another NFL player in 2014.  Harris’s former teammate was drafted by the Browns and is currently on the Seahawks roster.  Brian Schaefering is also an alum who had a nice NFL stint at defensive end.

Connor Harris is finishing up a great career.  He started in 48 games and racked up a record-breaking 633 tackles. Connor won the award for 2016 D-II National Defensive Player of the Year.  Harris is the type of player who can play almost anywhere.  He had a role on the offense for a few years and scored 7 career Td’s.  Harris even made 12 PAT and returned a kick on special teams in 2016.  So sticking to a roster seems likely for Harris.

Connor Harris will find a career in special teams.  If he can add good weight to his frame and stay healthy, I wouldn’t be shocked if he became a starter for someone.  He’s only 5’11” which can limit him. He’ll likely be a very late draft pick. I think whoever drafts him will be very happy they did.

Elijah McGuire  –  Runningback  –  La. Lafayette


Elijah McGuire was a big contributor to the Ragin’ Cajun offense for the last four years.  His second and third year combined he scored 32 touchdowns offensively.  Last year took a bit of a step back because of an injury.  The talent is still there.

McGuire is a complete back who’s a dangerous open field runner and big enough to run between the tackles.  Although that’s not his forte.  McGuire runs hard, makes quick cuts and is tough to bring down with an arm tackle. He has added value as a returner.  His numbers at the combine weren’t jaw dropping.  But his on-field athleticism is off the charts.  McGuire makes tremendous catches in the passing game also.

McGuire will most like be a day three draft pick.  He’ll make a roster and could even start chipping in early because of his good receiving skills.  A couple of injuries and McGuire could find himself in a much bigger position.  But rookies can always get buried on a depth chart.

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