Small School Players: Part 3


Tanoh Kpassagnon  –  DE  – Villanova


Kpassagnon could be one of those player we look back on and say how was he not a first round pick. He’s 6′ 7” 290lbs with a basketball players build.  After redshirting his first season he got better every year.  Kpassagnon’s final two seasons combined (2015, 2016) he posted 31 tackles for a loss and 17 1/2 sacks.  He lined up at tackle and end on the defensive line.

The physical attributes are there.  But when the competition gets bigger, faster and stronger he’ll need to adjust.  Good coaching will help him learn more pass rushing moves.  At Villanova it seemed he could bullrush his way into the back field.  If Kpassagnon can work on his strength and on-field skills there’s no reason he can’t be a very good player at the next level.  He was a captain and never an off-field problem.  Look for him to come off boards on day two.

Larry Ogunjobi  –  DT  –  Charlotte


Larry Ogunjobi took up football in his sophomore year of high school.  He was given a scholarship to the University of Charlotte who was just starting a football program.  Ogunjobi played the minute he stepped on campus and started every game in the school’s history.

Ogunjobi played a lot over the center.  He was consistently moving the pocket and getting into the backfield.  He’s pretty patient against screen passes and sees them develop in the backfield.  He was able to stand his ground against his level of competition and looked great his junior year vs Kentucky.  This past season against Louisville was not pretty. He did nothing and was washed out a few times that led to big gains.  That game was 56-0 at halftime and when the starters came out he made more of an impact.

I think Ogunjobi will be eased into the NFL.  He’s showed dominant ability.  The Louisville game tells me he needs some time.  Not that he can’t make the transition into a starter.  Ogunjobi would best fit a 3-4 defensive front at the “zero” and “five” technique. He’ll need to add some bulk and strength to succeed in those positions.  But he could be a nice rotating piece on different downs and distance. He’s an early day 3 prospect and should be a quality player.

Darius Victor  –  RB  –  Townson

Vic Darius

Darius Victor average a touchdown a game scoring 41 rushing TDs. He racked up 3,309 yards (5.2 yard per carry).  He’s a short and squat back that is very tough to bring down.  He has a low center of gravity and excellent balance.  My favorite thing about him is he always seems to be moving forward.  When he cuts it’s a downward angle and even when a defender comes up free and pops him, it doesn’t take long to start moving forward again.

Darius Victor is late day 3 prospect at best in a deep runningback class. That could make him a priority free agent.  He lacks a top end speed and will need to contribute on special teams to make a roster.  He doesn’t contribute much in the passing game and injuries were an issue in 2016.

Brandan Langley  –  CB  –  Lamar University


Brandan Langley started off his career at the University of Georgia.  He transferred to Lamar and Player Cornerback and Wide Receiver.  He ran a 4.44 at the combine and his height is also a plus at 6′ 1”. Langley sometime misses on tackles but it doesn’t seem to be a major issue.  He made some nice plays at the senior bowl after a tough week of practice.  He’s a raw player who played on both sides of the ball at UGA and Lamar. So if he can learn one position and master it, Langley could be an early day 3 steal over time. A creative team could still use him from time to time on the offense as an extra weapon.  Lamar’s Center Bret Treadway will also get drafted and could make a roster next season.  He’s considered undersized but very athletic.


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