Week 13: Quarterbacks

It seems like there’s something new every week at the quarterback position.  This week the Garoppolo era begins with the 49ers.  Eli Manning’s time could be over for good in New York.  Jameis Winston and Jay Cutler look good to go for week 13.

1. Tom Brady

2. Carson Wentz

3. Russell Wilson

4. Blake Bortles

5. Drew Brees

6. Kirk Cousins

7. Philip Rivers

8. Cam Newton

9. Josh McCown

10. Jared Goff

11. Jameis Winston

12. Case Keenum

13. Matt Ryan

14. Marcus Mariota



2 thoughts on “Week 13: Quarterbacks

  1. Mikey old MCMarsh70 from Twitter. Not sure who to start at quarterback this week I have Cousins Keenum and Jameis Winston what do you think?

    • I do like them all this week. I have Cousins the highest. It’s not your typical Thursday night game because they played last Thursday too. Winston is back after a few weeks and could be rusty. Keenum a tough matchup on the road.

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